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The Ultimate MCA Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the cost of a Merchant Cash Advance and the effective APR.

Be sure to include all Fees associated with the MCA transaction to get true APR using the MCA Calculator below.

By definition, a Merchant Cash Advance is a purchase of Future Receivables at a discount. The Buyer is the Funding company and the Seller is the Merchant. The funding company advances the buyer funds at closing which is to be paid back over time via daily, weekly or bi-monthly payments.

A business owner in need of quick access to capital may be wondering if a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is right for your business. As opposed to a typical term loan, the approval process for an MCA(aka Working Capital or Revenue Based financing) is short, can be done online and the credit requirements are minimal.


Merchant needs $100,000, he’s offered an MCA with a 1.25 factor rate over 12 months, which equals a total payback of $125,000. with 21 payments per month, totaling 252 daily payments at $496 per payment.