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Long-Term Business Loan

Fast and simple from start to funding.

A loan calculator can help you estimate loan payments before applying.

At, we offer a loan calculator that can help you calculate your amortized loans.

Our calculator is designed to help you plan out your business loans in regular installments, with fixed payments that cover both the principal amount and the interest. The calculator will give you a clear idea of the total cost of your loan, which is expressed as the annual percentage rate (APR). Simply enter your loan amount, term, and interest rate into the fields provided, and click on the “calculate” button to see your personalized results.

Business Loan Calculator

Calculate the costs and payments of a business loan.

Total Cost


Monthly Payment:


Total Interest:


Loan Amount



Time To Fund

5 Days


Loan Term

1-7 Years


Interest Rate


Understanding Long-Term Business Loans

Consider a long-term business loan for a simple and effective way to boost working capital, expand your business, and build credit. It’s a trustworthy financing option for small businesses.

Benefits Of A Long-Term Business Loan

Long-term loans are a great option if you need a lot of funding that you can repay over a longer period. They typically have better interest rates and come with a fixed payment schedule, making it easier to budget and plan your payments.
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Minimum Requirements For a Business Term Loan.

If your business doesn’t meet the criteria listed below, The long-Term Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance may be the right option for you.

Credit Score



Yearly Revenue



Time In Business

2 years+


A: When it comes to business loans, there are distinct differences between a long-term business loan and an SBA loan. The most notable difference is that the federal government backs SBA loans, which reduces the risk for the lending institution and results in lower interest rates. However, since the government is backing the loan, qualifying for an SBA loan is more challenging, and the application and approval processes take longer. In fact, most SBA loans require business owners to demonstrate that they have explored all other financing options and invested their own time and money into the business before approval.
A: Consider a long-term business loan with a fixed interest rate to save on interest. Use a loan calculator to determine monthly payments. Good business scores may qualify for rates as low as 7.49%.
A: Long-term business loans are ideal for financing significant expenses such as purchasing equipment, expanding real estate, or improving working capital. These loans are approved quickly, making them a reliable way for businesses to fund vital projects or expansions to drive long-term growth. If you require funding for a significant project with promising ROI potential, a term loan can be a suitable option.
A: Once your application is approved, lenders can transfer funds directly to your bank account within 48 hours.