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Line of Credit

Get easy and convenient access to working capital that fits your needs.


Funding Amount



Time To Fund

24 hours


6-36 months


Factor Rate


1.10 to 1.50

Understanding Line of Credit

A business line of credit is a type of small business funding that is flexible and can be used as needed. Unlike a term loan, which provides a lump sum of money upfront with a fixed epayment schedule, a business line of credit only charges interest on the amount that is used

Benefits Of Line of Credit

A business line of credit is like a credit card for temporary expenses and cash flow gaps. You pay interest only on what you use and can reuse the funds as you pay down the balance

Minimum Requirements For A Short-Term Business Loan.

If your business doesn't meet the criteria listed below, The Short-Term Business Loan or Merchant Cash Advance may be the right option for you.

Credit Score



Monthly Bank Revenue



Time In Business

2 years+


A: A line of credit allows businesses to have readily available working capital. They can use this capital whenever needed. The business must repay the amount they borrowed, along with any associated interest or fees. The payments are automatically deducted from the business’ bank account.
A: As a business owner, you have access to your approved line of credit at any time. Once you draw from it, the amount will be deposited into your business bank account. You can then use the funds as you see fit for your business’s needs.
A: A business credit card has a fixed limit with cash back rewards. A line of credit offers higher limits and flexible payment terms for recurring needs and unexpected opportunities. The choice depends on the business’s working capital needs and payment preferences.
A: At times, you might require more funds. By considering your cash flow, net income, and payback track record, you could qualify for a credit line increase.